Forget the Business Model, Just Embrace More of Who You Are

Recently, I’ve been frustrated with business models that feel outmoded and outdated. I’ve wanted to REINVENT THE MODEL. I was reaching for MORE of the Spiritual Business Path, for MORE of what I was starting to explore with the Make Your Healing Matter movement I founded, for MORE of me and for greater consistency in abundance and flow – really FEELING it. I wanted to really help people to create Whole Businesses. I wanted to help you write Your Extraordinary Book and share your unique-ness with the world at a much higher and deeper level.

I was doing a lot of some of that. But I wanted more and I wanted to EXPERIENCE something NEW Now!

So, I’ve been pondering this and asking for guidance and listening.

Today I got some insight. FINALLY! And I can’t wait to try this on for size.

Fair Warning.
Some of you, who already thought I was living on the edge, will think this is insane. That’s OK.

I’ve been questioning the very notion of “business” – even though I have clients I help to CREATE businesses based on who they are. But something has still been troubling me. Yes, I know about branding and positioning and list-building and networking. I know how to write good copy and build websites and design programs. I have been immersed in the processes. I know how to identify your Ideal Client (a.k.a. target market). I know about implementation and action. I know about creating stuff. I know the old ways backwards and forwards.

Lately, I’ve been breaking all my own rules.
Oh, you noticed? That’s ok. I experiment a bit and live into the craziness and frustration while I’m figuring it out. And then ONE DAY, a miracle unfolds and I begin to see where I’ve been and I feel some movement…

When I discovered the truth that I was already whole, that I am OK as I am – 100% – and always have been, something shifted in me. I started talking more about what I call INSIDE OUT MARKETING and an INSIDE OUT BUSINESS with my clients. I shifted the focus to creating a business that BEGINS WITH WHO YOU ARE. Which was great. It’s really, really served some of the clients I have worked with and am currently helping. I started thinking about doing a VIP program on WHOLE BUSINESS, and yet I was really feeling something was slightly off.

And then I realized that a lot of energy – my own and my clients – was going into the development of that amorphous thing called…

And I, personally, kept losing the CONNECTION to my passions, the treasure of who I was as an innovator and creator and (non-traditional) healer and spiritual being. Because I was squeezing it all into this mold that was WAY, WAY too constricting and small for my BIG vision for my life, for my dreams, and, most importantly, for

All of Who I Am
So, the MAKE MEANING, MAKE MONEY and MAKE A DIFFERENCE is staying for me. But the WAY I do this is evolving. And I know it won’t be all about HOW TO DO IT. It won’t be step by step. It won’t be managed. In fact, I have this sense that a beautiful waterfall of dreams and being and becoming is about to spring forth from the reasonable measure of success that has been my business but has felt like a bit of a desert to me.

I don’t know how this will go, but I promise to let you know.

What do you say? Wanna come along?

I think it’s going to be a LOT of fun!

I’m excited about the possibilities unfolding even now, when I’m walking through the fog. I’m pretty sure it will be an adventure.

P.P.S. Yes, I like to innovate. Yep, I’m here to pave the way. Nope, I don’t always know where it’s going to lead. It’s going to be a wild ride. Let’s go!!

Interested In Starting a New Business? Here Are Some Tips to Help You On Your Way

If you are looking for a change of direction in your life and considering starting a new business, here are some factors that you may care to consider.

· Being your own boss is a dream that many people aspire to. Not being answerable to anybody other than yourself when it comes to how much you earn and how many days leave you can have is usually extremely appealing to most people, just as it was, and still is, for me. However there are certainly many factors to consider and it is advisable that you give yourself sufficient time to think through your ideas.

· It is important that a new business owner truly believes that he or she is on the right path and that the business will bring, among other things, prosperity and pleasure into their life.

· There are serious considerations to deal with when starting a business as your business is going to be the predominant influence in your life from now on. It will give you pride and satisfaction and along with those attributes your business will bring you hard work and more than likely, some concerns. But, isn’t that what life is about; if everything were to go along smoothly for 365 days of the year one would more than likely become bored and look for greener pastures. So if you are ready to take on the challenge, I offer you my congratulations along with some tips to help you get started.

1. Passion:

No business will succeed unless it is built on and around passion. Those who are successful in business are operating or trading in a product or service that they are totally passionate about. Prime examples of how passion works in business can be seen just by spending a few minutes viewing television programmes where well-known successful business people are demonstrating their products or services, especially in the areas of cooking, farming, fruit-growing, dog training to mention a few.These people glow with pride and success and are absolute proof that great passion is behind every successful business. Therefore make sure that you build you business on your passion and not the passion of someone else who may want to lead you in a different direction.

2. Research:

Once you’ve established what your passion is it is essential that you research extensively to establish whether or not there is a demand for your product or service. If you intend targeting a certain locality be sure that there is a need in that locality for your forthcoming business. For instance, if you are hoping to start a business selling plants, seeds and garden tools you would look for premises in a locality that is not currently serviced for those products. In view of this you may need to travel a little further from your home to your business each day, but wouldn’t that be worthwhile if your business had the monopoly in a particular area?

3. Funding:

Of course there will be capital input required to fund your business be it cost of leasing premises, purchase or lease of computers and electronic equipment, furniture, cost of stock, plus staff expenses and other costs. The importance of a formal meeting with your accountant to discuss these matters cannot be stressed enough. Ensure that you understand, in detail, what your financial obligations will be when you become a business owner.

4. Home Based Business:

Depending on the product or service you decide to market it may be convenient for you to work from your home. Should you have an aptitude for internet marketing you may wish to set your business up in your home. You would still need to work with a product that is your passion but it would keep your initial costs to a minimum, as well as ongoing costs.

Do be aware that Internet Marketing is a specialised field and for the first year or two it takes a lot of time and ongoing learning. However it can be a lucrative business for those who are dedicated to working on the internet.

“WHY” It Will Be The Best Home Based Business For You

Trying to find a home based business opportunity is easy. There seems to be an unlimited supply available and more come on the market every day. The problem is finding the best one for you to be successful in.

Obviously, this is a very subjective topic. Deciding on which home based business is the best one appears to be very difficult for most people. This is based on the fact that the failure rate is about 97% or so. Granted, there will always be a certain number of business opportunities that simply are scams. However, I happen to believe that the largest percentage of home based business failures is the fault of the individual rather than the business itself.

The first step is to take a close look at you, your expectations and mindset. Start out by asking yourself “WHY” do you want to have a business from your home. Are you making a proactive decision to be there for your kids for example. Do you have a circumstance in your life such as your health or the health of a family member that needs care. Perhaps you have a fantastic idea that you are passionate about and want to start a business around it.

Maybe, however, you are looking at a home business for reactive reasons. You might have lost your job and have not been able to find another one. Maybe you were browsing online and an advertisement promising unlimited income working just a few hours a week from home caught your eye. Maybe a friend told you about how fantastic their network marketing business was and wanted you to join with them.

Identifying your “Why” may be the most important thing you can do to give your business a shot at being in the 3% that are successful. Your “Why” is what keeps you going when challenges occur. When the unexpected happens a strong “Why” is what pushes you to keep moving ahead and overcome those challenges.

Usually, in a home based business, you are the only one that can be counted on to keep it going when things get tough. You must be your own motivational speaker and supply your own drive. A strong “Why” will supply the fuel you need for the drive.

Too often (97% of the time) a home based business becomes nothing more than at best an expensive hobby. If you do it inconsistently, only when it’s convenient or easy, it’s not a business at all. At least it’s not a successful business. Yet, this is the of many people when they think about starting one.

The professional marketers who are peddling business opportunities know this. Just look at the majority of the ads and sales pages. Their message often centers on easy, lazy, anyone can do it, and great wealth working only a few hours a week. If you truly believe that these words are part of the formula for success, than you too will join the 97% failures.

If you want to have more than an expensive hobby, make sure that you first have a strong “Why” that evokes strong desire and passionate emotions for what you are doing. I’ll bet you find them in all of the home based business successes that make up the top 3%.